EURUSD trading idea for the coming week of 19 Aug 2019

This currency pair has been falling for obvious reasons. The European central bank has a prolonged expansionary monetary policy. The German economy is struggling. Overall risk averse market sentiment still prevails, even with some occasional relief news. The result of all these means that only sell opportunities are preferable at

USDCAD Trading idea for the coming week of 19 Aug 2019

USDCAD Last week USDCAD rallied towards resistance of 1.3450, but retraced back down without being able to make a new high. Therefore, it is expected to reach for the support zone as shown on the chart below. It is preferable to wait until the pair reaches towards the support zone. Once there,

USDCAD Trading idea for the coming week of 12 Aug 2019

Last week the currency pair USDCAD initially rallied but then fell to form quite a negative candle. However, when we look into 4-hour timeframe, we can see a clear uptrend. In fact the pair is currently sitting at the support zone where we can potentially look for signs of support. At

S&P 500 forecast for the coming week of 13 May 2019

S&P 500, even though dipped as a result of the raising of tariffs to 25% on Chinese goods to USA, it shrugged off and rebounded on Friday and formed a hammer. Thursday's candle was also a hammer. In addition to that, we can also notice the high volume on those two